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Petros Korbakis, a native of Athens, Greece, has acquired a B.Sc. in International Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and is currently a candidate in the Executive MBA program. He has delivered professional services for the past seven years as a Regional Sales Manager and Educational Consultant representing MM Educational Group in various international markets. He has also travelled in several countries including Turkey, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Peru to deliver workshops and presentations, and has participated in various conferences such as ELTA- Serbia, MIBF-Belarus and BIBF-Azerbaijan. Petros has also been involved in developing and implementing customized ELT and ICT-Computing projects in cooperation with Ministries of Education around the world.

ELT SKILLS: Practice your English anywhere,anytime!

ELT SKILLS is the ideal companion for the English language learner and a valuable supplement to any English language teaching course. Covers all the essential areas of foreign language acquisition: reading,
listening, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Introduces and develops the English language according to a spiral, topic-based syllabus where meaning, grammar, and communicative
purposes are woven together.

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