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Oxford Day Online

23rd March 2021, 15:00 - 16:00 EET (Eastern European Time)

Growth Mindset by Ushapa Fortescue
Educators and learners often consider language study to be a set of practical skills, classroom practices and management strategies. However, to be truly effective, modern educators and learners must also consider the role that psychology and mental attitude play in and out of the classroom. We know instinctively that, for effective learning to take place, all parties need to be mentally prepared for the learning and teaching experience.
As teachers we are aware that it isn’t just a student’s ability that makes them a successful learner, a hugely important factor is their attitude.
Think about a student who thinks that mistakes are failures, who refuses to try if an exercise looks too difficult, or who runs away from challenges. How different they are from a student who perseveres after a mistake, believes their abilities develop over time, and doesn’t shy away from challenges. It is obvious that the second student is more equipped for achieving academically.
In this session we will become aware of the role that Growth Mindset plays in improving students’ performance and how to implement meaningful classroom strategies to promote them.

23rd March 2021, 16:30 - 17:30 EET (Eastern European Time)

Language, motivation & opportunity: 3 ingredients to encourage speaking in the classroom by Martyn Clarke
Learners need plenty of practice in order to become effective communicators in English. But encouraging them to speak in the classroom and online can be a challenge. This practical session shows how this can be achieved by balancing the elements of language support, motivation and opportunity, and how we can go about providing this in our lessons, both face to face, and online.


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