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ELT TOGETHER: Intercultural Competence and Citizenship: How 2020 has taught us that it is more important than ever

by Zarina Subhan

In this webinar, we will explore how English language educators can improve their students’ intercultural competence and citizenship. As essential global skills, these areas are very important to our students’ futures, preparing them to become successful 21st century citizens. Moreover, the English language classroom is the perfect place to teach them. 
Because English is the language most often used to communicate by people of different cultures, nationalities, or traditions. As such, it’s the perfect tool to help us remove artificial boundaries, and develop empathy, tolerance, and harmony between different people. It’s a tool that will help our students collaborate to make a better world. 
In 2020, the question of what it means to be a good citizen has become increasingly important. However, our education system does not consciously nurture or value these skills. As English teachers we can change this, developing students’ citizenship and intercultural competence, and helping them understand our shared responsibility to each other and our environment. 


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