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Making your vocabulary teaching accessible to ALL your students

We would like to invite you to the IATEFL webinar with Fiona Mauchline taking place on Saturday 4 July 2020 at 3pm UK time. This world clock link will allow you to check the time in your location.

When looking at vocabulary teaching on training courses or in resource books, the focus tends to be on lexical forms and rules, and on effective but generic learning Dos and Don’ts: "Don’t translate!" "Use realia with children!" "Drills and listen & repeat are ineffective!" "Use coloured images!" "Don’t go above the CEFR level!" and so on. However, truly effective vocabulary teaching also needs to consider the diverse spectrum of students in the room, not just words and general guidelines. 
In this participative webinar, we’ll take a look at a series of tips and activities for maximising – and energising - vocabulary learning with students with ‘different’ needs: multilingual students, colour-blind students, students with hearing or sight impairment, and students who simply want or need to ‘go beyond the coursebook’. Because one-size doesn’t fit all.

Fiona Mauchline
Fiona is a materials writer, teacher trainer, and associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. She is based in Oxford, after three decades in Spain and France. She has published courses for secondary and resource books for teachers, and her main areas of interest are collaborative learning, vocabulary learning, psychology & cognitive development of adolescents, and neuroscience as applicable to ELT. She also has a love of photography, art, creative writing and theatre, which spreads to her work. She is the co-founder of EVE: Equal Voices in ELT, and a committee member of IATEFL's TDSIG & MaWSIG. Her publications include ETpedia Vocabulary (Pavilion ELT, with Julie Moore and Stacey Hughes), the summer course Dive In! (Delta Publishing), How to write secondary materials (ELTTeacher2Writer) and Motivate! (Macmillan Education).


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