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Онлайн конференция "Back to School"

DELTA Publishing

Laura Broadbent
Educational and ELT materials writer with ten years of teaching experience in Malaysia, Brazil, Spain and the UK. I have written a range of print and online resources including primary and secondary course books, exams, revision materials and graded readers. For the past few years, I have specialised in dyslexic materials and am passionate about creating inclusive and innovative materials to develop a love of learning and support global teachers and students.

In this webinar, we will look at what makes "Bloggers" unique, from teen presenters to the use of interactive methods to engage teachers and learners. I will give examples of how the course incorporates 21st century skills through its topic and project-based approach and fully prepares learners for the future. Finally, I will show how the course is written to support dyslexic learners and create an inclusive learning environment for all teachers and students. We will round off with a short Q&A session.

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