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Making Critical & Creative Thinking Visual for Young Learners

I have found when training teachers from around the world, one of the 21st Century skills that they worry about is critical thinking and how to encourage both creative and critical thinking with their students. 
“Can thinking be taught?” they ask me. 
Just as any other skill, thinking can be developed. Students need to be routinely given plenty of opportunities to practise critical and creative thinking. Teachers can provide primary pupils with the language and skills to be able to discuss their thoughts and we can certainly pose questions that help develop the children’s thinking.
To quote Dr Jim Reese, the author of this month’s OUP Focus Paper, “Visible Thinking”:
“Visible Thinking is an approach that helps learners to develop clear thinking patterns. The aim of Visible Thinking is to foster richer discussion, more purposeful thinking and deeper understanding in any learning situation.” 
In this very practical session, we will consider activities to prepare primary children to think creatively and critically using Visible thinking techniques.
As the great Albert Einstein said: 
“Education is not learning facts, but the training of the mind to think.” 

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20th January 2021 

  • Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey 05:00-06:00 


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